TRAVERTINE is based on lime putty, natural coloring earths, marble sands and grains, additives that improve the characteristics of the product and its gripping properties, without altering the breathability of the finishing. It can be applied on any interior wall surfaces provided that they are safe and sound with no humidity. TRAVERTINE can also be used for exterior provided that the surface it is mineral, resistant and well protected, without rising dampness and well prepared.


Living matter endowed with tactile and constructional memory. Surfaces covered in vibrant and irregular veins through which the evocative dialectics of nature flows. Bathed in refined and soul-stirring atmospheres, spaces become intimate retreats appealing to human beings.  Warm and comfortable woods please the sight and the touch and give shape to highly sensorial rooms where the experience of absolute well-being becomes reality.

Marmorin Hydro

Water-repellent, smooth, translucent lime based marmorino plaster.

Slaked, translucent lime based Marmorino plaster, formulated with special additives that make the surface highly water-repellent